Vanquish (Men and Women)

The Zone3 Vanquish makes use of the world’s highest performance materials and combines these with a thoroughly researched panel design to ensure maximum flexibility and balanced buoyancy.

Features include:

1. Designed with a thin one-piece shoulder panel stretching from elbow to elbow, this means that there are no restrictions or tightness around the shoulders when swimming.

2. This is complemented by the thicker 5mm Aerodome chest panel which has air bubbles built in between layers to offer increased buoyancy.

3. The suit also features Zone3’s Pro Speed™ arm and leg cuffs which make it one of the quickest in and out of the water. The suit comes off so easily you’ll be certain to having the quickest time in Transition.

4. Elite upwards zipper to ensure that it’s not pulled down in the swim and you can get out on the bike with ease. The suit is aimed at those looking to race to the best of their ability and save vital time on any course.


Aspire (Men and Women)

The Aspire is widely considered as one of the best performing suits in terms of buoyancy, flexibility and overall comfort and performance. It also won the Triathlon Plus magazine ‘Top Value’ award in 2010. It is the perfect suit for any novice to use as their first wetsuit or for any intermediate looking to upgrade their bog-standard entry level suit.

Features include:

1. Ultra flexible neoprene around the shoulders and arms to ensure no restrictions or shoulder pain.

2. Spring loaded shoulder design to generate a faster swim stroke and to conserve energy.

3. Balanced neoprene thickness to give you maximum buoyancy/support without disturbing your stroke.

4. Aqua dynamic coating applied to the neoprene meaning that there is nearly no drag through the water.

5. Pro Speed™ arm and leg cuffs which make the wetsuit come off extremely quickly in transition. No getting stuck rolling around trying to get your suit off!