Bamboo Veneer Models


6’6″ Fun-Egg: Fast and floaty thruster fun from slop to fast surf. A board to keep you smiling no matter how crappy the conditions. With ample width and volume, the Fun-Egg’s a weekend warrior’s wave catcher, fits into any type of surf, and loves to keep on trucking when the waves ‘aint chucking. Forward concave running through the middle gives lift and security in hollow sections and pronounced vee to double-concave makes for smooth and easy rail-to- rail transitions at speed.


6’8″ Evo Multi-Fin: A classy, carving pintail for any type of waves or rider. The board’s Multisystem combo performs as a ‘Thruster’ or ‘Quad’. Ideal either as a step-up board, or for ex- bums now with fulltime jobs! A combination of moderate rocker, single concave, rounded pin and mid volume rails, plus the Multisystem fin set-up are perfect for learning foot positioning and tackling a spectrum of conditions. If you’ve less time than you like these days this board still handles the power, loves a rail and helps make the clock rewind!


7’4″ Mini-Mal: Made for cruising and developing your style! A stable-platform board designed to make any surf a fruitful one. Wave catching volume with the right curves give a Malibu ride with an edge; a great board for bigger riders wanting the Cadillac feel, or newbie riders hungry for progress. Area in the nose and generous nose rocker make it a safe choice for keeping the thrills and spills under control. Rolled vee forward into double concave lends a predictable nature to keep you grinning from take-off to the beach.


8’0″ Longboard: Drop in anywhere on this truly high performance ‘Desert Island’ shape. A super-versatile design with just enough width for stability yet a bottom curve and outline suited to outer reefs and big waves. The squash tail combined with a vee double concave bottom gives control and smooth rail-to-rail transfers. The slightly rolled forward section offers a steady hand for steep drops and speedy boil and hollow sections.



Epoxy Models


6’6″ Shortboard: Easy-to-ride bulletproof round-pin thruster for full-rail fun and games. Plus, if you’re hunting for speed and control, lift and glide in weaker waves, stability or ease of turning – then look no further. A forward concave section transforms into a vee double concave tail with mid rocker bend allowing security and dynamic manoeuvres. ‘Dura-Force’ Biaxial-fibre combination construction mean this board’s built to resist the toughest conditions.



7’6″ Mini-Mal: Smooth and secure thruster for ghosting through sections of slack and steep waves. Generous width lets the bottom focus on ride smoothness and stability in slower surf. The rolled forward and mid sections run to a vee double-concave tail, for catch-free release in chop and response to power applied. Float, width and a rounded pintail keep control at speed and maintain glide through weaker sections.



8’6″ Longboard: Ultimate glide and speed in any kind of swell.
Extra length and a similar mix to the 7’6″ lets you take on faster moving swells, with more volume for catching rare sets on smaller days. The added waterline means you get the momentum and swing of a traditional long-board, but extra manoeuvrability and response. The bottom and nose curve allow for late drops and give handy volume for paddling power. The perfect board for fast learners or those who can’t bear to see waves go to waste!